Pioneering the therapeutic power of the human microbiome

Biomica is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company leveraging a proprietary computational platform with integrated Big Data and AI to develop best-in-class therapeutics for microbiome-related disorders. Our expertise lies in the treatment of immune-mediated and infectious diseases, with focus on Immuno-oncology, Gastrointestinal (GI) and antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

Faster, highly targeted function-based drug discovery approach

Biomica’s unique function-based drug discovery approach, powered by our proven computational predictive biology platform, enables us to rationally design and develop therapeutics based on microbial functions from concept to clinical trial in only three years. By focusing on understanding the functional elements of the microbiome, we can select a minimal number of desired microbial strains to our products, thereby maximizing beneficial effects while minimizing potential adverse effects through carefully curated consortia.

The right time, team, and technology

The microbiome-based therapeutics industry is rapidly growing, with recent FDA approvals signaling a new era in clinical development. These advancements offer promising treatments for a range of conditions with potential to significantly improve patient outcomes. As research progresses, the future holds exciting possibilities for transformative healthcare solutions. Backed by world-class scientists and an expert advisory board, Biomica continues to pave the way to the future of medicine.

Technological edge

Our drug candidates are identified and designed with PRISM, a proprietary computational platform for high-resolution profiling of microbiome on the taxonomic and functional levels.

Best in class

Our unique methodology and computational capabilities enable optimized microbiome-based drug discovery, design and development in an expedited process to develop potential best-in-class drug products.

Legacy of success

Founded by Evogene Ltd. (NASDAQ, TASE: EVGN), a computational biology company aiming to revolutionize the development of life-science-based products by utilizing cutting-edge technologies to increase the probability of success while reducing development time and cost.

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