Computational, targeted & function-based drug design

Biomica’s unique function-based drug discovery approach is propelled by PRISM (Predictive, high Resolution, Integrative Selection of Microbes), Evogene’s proprietary computational predictive biology platform that combines AI with big data and vast internal databases for functional genomics profiling.

Using metagenomics analysis to reveal intricate host microbiome interactions

Using our unique methodology combined with PRISM’s powerful metagenomics analysis tools for high-resolution profiling of microbial communities on both a taxonomic and functional level, we gain deep understanding of the intricate microbiome dynamics and its symbiotic relationship with the human host.

Phenotypic profiles

Correlating microbial profiles with specific clinically relevant host expression and phenotypic profiles

Taxonomic level

Deep analysis on a strain level leveraging our proprietary strain database

Functional level

Vast microbial genes catalog maps up to 90% of human microbiome functions obtained through metagenomics sequencing

On the cutting edge of computational predictive biology

PRISM integrates microbiome profiles with genomic and phenotypic host profiles, and uses them to make clinically relevant predictions that aid in the development of novel therapeutic solutions for complex host-microbiome interrelations.

Best-in-class microbiome-based therapeutics design

To develop best-in-class drugs, one must first discover and combine the few most suitable microbes from the thousands of strains in the human microbiome.

Billions of molecules ready to be discovered

Additionally, Biomica utilizes Evogene’s rigorous ChemPass AI platform for virtual screening of small molecular inhibitors to specifically target bacterial proteins of interest. ChemPass AI combines the physiochemical requirements for binding a specific protein target, and utilizes a comprehensive proprietary database of billions of small molecules for the discovery of potential therapeutics.