Microbiome-Empowered Therapeutics

Biomica is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing innovative microbiome-based therapeutics for the treatment of immune-mediated and infectious diseases, with specific focus on Immuno-Oncology and GI related disorders.

Big Data

Biomica's discovery pipeline is enabled by a unique Computational Predictive Biology (CPB) platform combining biological ‘Big-Data’.


Cutting edge Artificial Intelligence analysis technologies, providing next-generation solutions accounting for complex host-microbiome interrelations.


The company has invested significant efforts in developing specialized computational tools for high-resolution taxonomy and functional profiling of the human microbiome.

Biomica aims to identify and target microbes, metabolites and other microbiome-related components

that are key in the etiology of human diseases impacted by the microbiome, using both biological and small-molecule approaches.


Biomica’s discovery and development efforts are powered by PRISM (Predictive, high Resolution, Integrative Selection of Microbes) platform.

PRISM is a proprietary metagenomics analysis platform for functional genomics profiling utilizing internal comprehensive databases.

Employing Biomica’s drug discovery approach, PRISM combines a profound understanding of the microbiome and its functions and their intricate relations with the human host.

Our drug candidates were identified utilizing ‘PRISM’, our cutting edge proprietary computational predictive biology platform. PRISM has been specifically developed to allow the processing and analysis of ‘big data’ in a short timeframe and obtain high-resolution profiling of microbial communities both at the taxonomic and the functional levels.

Phenotypic profiles

PRISM correlates microbial profiles with specific clinically relevant host expression and phenotypic profiles

Taxonomic level

At the taxonomic level our analysis allows strain-level resolution and relies on an extensive proprietary strain database.

Functional level

Our proprietary resources relay on 
a comprehensive catalog of microbial genes enabling mapping of an average of 90% of the functions of the human gut microbiome obtained through metagenomics sequencing

Following the primary analysis stage PRISM integrates microbiome profiles with genomic and phenotypic host profiles and uses them to make clinically-relevant predictions.

Our rationally-designed LBP consortia are constructed to achieve maximal microbial activity with the minimal number strains to result in maximal clinical efficacy.

In addition to its comprehensive computational solutions to profile the microbiome, Biomica utilizes Evogene’s rigorous platform ‘PointHit’ for virtual screening of small molecular inhibitors to specifically target bacterial proteins of interest. This platform combines the physiochemical requirements for binding a specific protein target and utilizes a comprehensive proprietary database of more than 200 Million small-molecules for the discovery of potential therapeutics.

Our platform relies on a multi-layered analysis of omic and clinical/ phenotypic data using an extensive nexus of modules in four key areas.

  • enabling high-resolution taxonomy analysis of the microbial community down to the strain level.

  • functional-level microbial community analysis profiling microbial genes, pathways and metabolites

  • profiling of patients' genomic information (genetics and expression patterns)

  • relevant phenotypic and physiological information manifested in patients

  • Identification of unique microbiome-based therapeutic entities through multilayered analysis & integration of high resolution big-data

Product Pipeline




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Combination Therapy with ICI for Solid Tumors

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GI related disorders



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C difficile toxin-B

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Biomica is a subsidiary of Evogene Ltd. (NASDAQ, TASE: EVGN)

“Evogene” is a pioneer in the field of applied computational predictive biology developing novel products for life science markets. Biomica leverages Evogene’s capabilities, vast experience and established expertise of predictive biology.